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Independent Learning Centre

TVO's Facilitated Independent Learning Model

At the Independent learning Centre (ILC) , we believe that “independent” does not mean “alone” and as such we developed TVO's Facilitated Independent Learning Model (FILM) to help support the success of international students. Fundamentally FILM is based on the promotion of educational rigor and academic integrity in managed program that promotes student success.

FILM Affiliates

The delivery of FILM into distant markets is made possible through our bonded affiliate partners. Utilizing FILM, Affiliates are able to deliver in conjunction with the ILC the student course consumption experience at an offsite campus. Affiliates ensure the student validation process, English competency and most importantly, the academic integrity of the program.

Current affiliates include:

London Language Institute Website
Strategem Learning Website

Learning supports

It is important to note that FILM does not provide a full teaching support model. The ILC promotes the independent nature of our program and as such empowers the student to be solely responsible for arranging the learning support they require. The educational program development, delivery and marking of ILC courses to international students is the sole responsibility of the ILC and is wholly provided by the ILC. However, the ILC International Affiliate and Designated Campus Facilitator can assist the students at their respective campuses with the organization, and management and facilitation of the ILC courses.