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Independent Learning Centre

ILC Service Model

ILC Services

The ILC serves Ontario residents who want to earn secondary school credits, gain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), get their high school equivalency credentials by writing the GED Tests, or upgrade their skills for employment, apprenticeship, or post-secondary entry.

Complementary Paths to Credentials

The ILC offers adults several ways to gain educational credentials.

High School Credit Courses

Students can choose from 70 courses in 13 subjects to take the specific courses they need. This option is often chosen by students who want to apply for post-secondary education but need to acquire more university or college preparation credits.

High School Diploma (OSSD)

Adult students earn an OSSD if they complete their diploma requirements through the ILC. The ILC offers courses for students to complete their OSSD, for workplace, college or university preparation pathways. The ILC can help students arrange to complete the provincial secondary school literacy test and community involvement activities.

GED High School Equivalency Certificate

Adults can demonstrate that they have high school-level knowledge and skills by taking the General Educational Development Tests, offered exclusively in Ontario through the ILC. The GED Tests lead to a high school equivalency certificate generally accepted for entry to apprenticeships and post-secondary institutions.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

The ILC helps adult learners acquire credits by having their prior learning experiences, gained outside of an Ontario high school, assessed and recognized as equivalent to Ontario secondary school credits.

The ILC Course Model

The ILC's model emphasizes flexibility, accessibility and support for independent learners.

  • Flexible. ILC students get education how, where, and when they want it through continuous enrolment distance education.
  • Accessible. ILC courses support independent learners by embedding the 'voice of the teacher' directly into instructional materials, allowing the learner to choose the blend of print and online materials they are comfortable with.
  • Supportive. ILC students are "independent but not alone." If they need help with lessons they can make contact by email, phone, and mail.

Students and Courses

The ILC is a High School

The ILC offers high school credit courses for students in Grades 9-12 and grants Ontario Secondary School Diplomas (OSSD). It has a principal, a guidance counsellor and a Learner Services department that support thousands of students each year.

Course Design and Development

The ILC course development team includes secondary school teachers, instructional designers, and publishing and online media professionals who create effective, innovative accredited courses that follow the Ontario secondary school curriculum. Courses are offered directly to students and through partner organizations. Course materials are also sold separately to other education institutions.