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GED® Testing

Ontario’s High School Equivalency

The ILC is Ontario’s sole provider of the GED® test. The GED® test allows people who have not finished high school the opportunity to earn an Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate.

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What is GED® Testing?

The GED® Test provides adults who did not complete high school education with the opportunity to demonstrate high-school level knowledge and skills.

Register for GED®

It’s never too late to graduate! Find out how you can register for GED® testing at the ILC.

Preparing for a Test

A GED® test is seven hours long. It’s no joke! Here are some suggestions and tips on how you can better prepare for the big day.

Writing a GED® Test

GED® testing is divided into two days, usually held on a Friday evening and all day Saturday. Find out what you need to bring, what the test outline is and when you can expect your test results.

Group Testing

Group GED® Testing allows your organization to offer the GED® tests to a number of candidates at the same time at a convenient location. Learn more about how you can deliver GED testing for your group through the ILC.

GED® Forms

All the forms and documents you need to print and submit to the ILC to take the GED® test.


Sometimes the fastest way to find information is by checking our FAQ page. This page has most of the answers you’ll need for your questions about GED.