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GED® Tests 2002 Series

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GED® 2002 Series

The GED® 2002 Series Tests were implemented in January 2002. The tests have been revised to reflect the changes that have taken place since 1988 in high school curriculum across North America. They continue to measure important knowledge and skills that are usually acquired during a regular program of study in high school. However, they place an increased emphasis on testing knowledge and skills needed for the workplace and for higher education.

The following are some of the changes:

  • Skills cross content areas.
  • There is increased emphasis on testing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Language Arts focuses not only on academic writing and reading, but also on writing and reading business communications, such as letters, memos, reports, emails, applications, and resumes, and "how to" texts, such as instructions for searching for a job, leasing a car, dressing for success, or planning a trip.
  • Calculators are used on part of the math test to reflect the use of calculators in the workplace.

The 2002 Series GED® Tests consists of five tests. The total test time is approximately seven hours over two days.