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GED® Certificate and Administration

GED® Test Scores

The GED® Testing Program compares your performance on the tests to the results of Grade 12 students on the same tests. The tests take into consideration the skills and knowledge people are expected to retain from high school, especially the ability to reason, put together information, and draw conclusions.

If you obtain a standard score of at least 450 on each of the five GED® Tests, you will receive an Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate. Individual test results are expressed as standard scores ranging from 200 to 800 on each of the five tests. The GED® certificate will show others that you have the potential of a high school graduate and the educational skills to succeed in areas of further training and/or study. However, specific knowledge that a recent high school graduate might have acquired (such as mathematical and chemical formulas, or the work of specific authors) is not tested. There is no credit value associated with the GED® Tests.

Recognition of the GED® certificate

The GED® certificate is widely accepted as meeting secondary school graduation requirements for purposes of employment, promotion, licensing, and further education. However, the Ministry of Education cannot guarantee that the certificate will be accepted by employers or post-secondary institutions or trainers in every instance.

Many colleges of applied arts and technology and universities accept satisfactory GED® scores as one factor in their assessment for admission as a mature student.

Administration of the GED® program

The GED® Testing Program is administered by the Independent Learning Centre (ILC).

The Ministry of Education has designated the ILC as the sole provider of the GED® testing services for the province of Ontario.

The High School Equivalency Certificate is signed by the Deputy Minister of Education.