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Choose the one best answer to each question.

Question 1

Sentence 2: My work experience and education combined with your need for an experienced landscape supervisor have resulted in a relationship that would profit both parties.

Which correction should be made to sentence 2?

  1. insert a comma after education
  2. change combined to combine
  3. change have resulted to would result
  4. replace profit with prophet
  5. replace parties with party's

Answer: 3

The use of the original verb form, "have resulted," implies that the applicant and the employer have already been working together. However, because the applicant is actually seeking employment, it is clear that he has not worked with this company before. The verb form "would result" effectively conveys the possibility for a profitable future relationship for both if the applicant were to be hired.

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Question 2

Sentences 3 and 4: In May, I graduated from Prince William Community College. Graduating with an associate of arts degree in horticulture.

Which is the best way to write the underlined portion of these sentences? If the original is the best way, choose option (1).

  1. College. Graduating with
  2. College, I graduated with
  3. College. A graduation with
  4. College. Having graduated with
  5. College with

Answer: 5

This question requires you to identify the sentence fragment and revise it so that the resulting sentence (which combines the first sentence and the fragment) is structured more effectively.

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Question 3

Sentence 10: I will be, as a landscape supervisor at your firm, able to put to use the skills and knowledge that I have obtained from my professional career and education.

If you rewrote sentence 10 beginning with As a landscape supervisor at your firm, the next words should be

  1. and able I will be
  2. I will be able
  3. putting and using with ability
  4. obtaining my professional career and education
  5. able to put to use I will be

Answer: 2

In the original sentence, the words between the commas separate main sentence parts, thereby interrupting the clear flow of ideas. By moving the distracting words to the beginning of the sentence and following with "I will be able...,' the relationship of holding the position and being able to put skills and knowledge into practice is clarified.

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Question 4

Which sentence below would be most effective at the beginning of paragraph B?

  1. There are many companies in this community, and Capital City Gardening Services is one of them.
  2. A company such as yours is known for a lot of things, especially the beautiful fountain, great billboard, and large parking area.
  3. Like carpet-cleaning services, gardening services range in cost.
  4. A company is only as good as its reputation.
  5. Gosh, I don't know where to begin when saying good things about your company.

Answer: 4

This question requires you to recognize that paragraph B needs a topic sentence. You must refer to the entire paragraph to select the most effective topic sentence. In organizational questions of this type, all five alternatives are grammatically correct, but because of problems in tone or content, only one alternative is appropriate.

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Question 5

Sentence 11: I have included a copy of my resume, which details my principal interests education, and past work experience.

Which correction should be made to sentence 11?

  1. remove the comma after resume
  2. replace principal with principle
  3. insert a comma after interests
  4. replace past with passed
  5. no correction is necessary

Answer: 3

In this list of three categories that appear on the applicant's resume, a comma must be used to separate the first and second items.

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Question 6

Which revision would improve the effectiveness of this letter?

Begin a new paragraph with

  1. sentence 3
  2. sentence 5
  3. sentence 7
  4. sentence 9
  5. sentence 12

Answer: 1

This organizational question requires you to study the entire document to determine where an effective paragraph break should occur. A paragraph starting with sentence 3 would clearly summarize and highlight the applicant's educational and professional qualifications.

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