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Standard Grid

Mixed numbers such as 3 1/2, cannot be entered in the alternate format grid. Instead represent them as decimal numbers (in this case, 3.5) or fractions (in this case, 7/2). No answer can be a negative number, such as -8.

To record your answer for an alternate format question

  • begin in any column that will allow your answer to be entered;
  • write your answer in the boxes on the top row;
  • in the column beneath a fraction bar or decimal point (if any) and each number in your answer, fill the bubble representing that character;
  • leave blank any unused column.


The scale on the map indicates that 1/2 inch represents an actual distance of 120 miles. In inches, how far apart on the map will two towns be if the actual distance between them is 180 miles?

The answer to the above example is 3/4, or 0.75 inches. A few examples of how the answer could be gridded are shown below.

Standard Grid

Points to remember:

  • The answer sheet will be machine scored. The circles must be filled in correctly.
  • Mark no more than one circle in any column,
  • Grid only one answer even if there is more than one correct answer.
  • Mixed numbers such as 3 1/2 must be gridded as 3.5 or 7/2.
  • No answer can be a negative number.