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Note to Prospective Purchasers

The materials listed for sale in this catalogue have been designed primarily for adult learners who wish to enrol in a distance education, independent study environment.

Before using the ILC's materials in an educational program, it is essential that you consider how the materials will be used. Learners will succeed with the materials to the extent that monitoring and assistance are available to them.

Some references in the materials are accessible only to ILC-enrolled learners, including but not limited to: practice tests, answer key for key questions and suggested answers to support questions.

All ILC course materials are produced in compliance with guidelines set by the Ontario Ministry of Education as described in Ontario Secondary Schools, Grades 9 to 12, 1999.


All of the courses listed as being available in the ILC High School Course List or on this website are available for sale.

Course Credits and Contents

Most courses are full-credit courses, generally consisting of four or five units, 20 lessons for a total of 110 hours of instruction. A half-credit course consists of two units, 10 lessons, 55 hours of instruction. Individual units may be purchased separately or the course can be purchased as a whole. A course may include items such as disks, workbooks and textbooks, as well as licenses to access web-based digital components.

Items Not Sold by RR Donnelley

  • To ensure the integrity and credibility of the ILC credit granting program and to protect the interests of ILC students and teachers, final tests, marking guides, and teaching guides are not for sale.
  • The sale of materials does not include tutoring, counseling, evaluation, testing or certification by the ILC. Any references in the ILC materials to course teachers and to the mailing of assignments do not apply to those who have purchased the materials from this catalogue.
  • Some supplementary materials required for courses, such as textbooks, science kits, novels, etc. are not part of this sales service. These additional materials are listed with ISBNs when appropriate and the recommended supplier's name.
  • The ILC makes every effort to use current texts, however publishers often issue new, revised editions of texts, or a publisher may withdraw a text from circulation. When a new textbook is issued, the ILC will develop a reference key that will allow students to use the newer edition with the ILC course materials. When a text is discontinued and the publisher no longer has stock, purchasers should consider contacting the Canadian School Book Exchange (CSBE), an organization that buys and recycles second-hand textbooks. For more information, call the CSBE at 905.828.7200 or visit www.csbe.net.

Note: When school boards or private schools enrol their students directly through the ILC's Day School Program, the fee paid covers all course materials, including textbooks. Unfortunately, the ILC is unable to lend texts to school boards or private schools that purchase course materials from this sales catalogue through RR Donnelley.

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