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Grade 11

MCF3M-B  Functions and Applications

Course Code: MCF3M-B

Grade 11, University / College Preparation, 1.0 credit

This course introduces basic features of the function by extending students’ experiences with quadratic relations. It focuses on quadratic, trigonometric, and exponential functions and their use in modelling real-world situations. Students will represent functions numerically, graphically, and algebraically; simplify expressions; solve equations; and solve problems relating to applications. Students will reason mathematically and communicate their thinking as they solve multi-step problems.


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Unit 1: Lessons 1-5

Lesson 1:
Expanding and Simplifying Quadratic Expressions
Lesson 2:
Factoring Quadratic Equations
Lesson 3:
Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
Lesson 4:
The Quadratic Formula
Lesson 5:

Unit 2: Lessons 6-10

Lesson 6:
Transformations of Quadratic Functions, Part 1
Lesson 7:
Transformations of Quadratic Functions, Part 2
Lesson 8:
Converting Between Standard Form and Vertex Form
Lesson 9:
Sketching and Analyzing Graphs of Quadratic Functions
Lesson 10:
Applications of Quadratic Functions

Unit 3: Lessons 11-15

Lesson 11:
The Laws of Exponents
Lesson 12:
Graphs of Exponential Functions
Lesson 13:
Applications of Exponential Functions
Lesson 14:
Financial Problems Involving Interest
Lesson 15:
Financial Problems Involving Annuities

Unit 4: Lessons 16-20

Lesson 16:
Solving Trigonometric Problems Involving Right Triangles
Lesson 17:
The Sine Law
Lesson 18:
The Cosine Law
Lesson 19:
Analyzing the Graphs of Periodic Functions
Lesson 20:
Applications of Sine Functions
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