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Grade 11

SCH3U-C  Chemistry

Course Code: SCH3U-C

Grade 11, University Preparation, 1.0 credit

This course enables students to deepen their understanding of chemistry through the study of the properties of chemicals and chemical bonds; chemical reactions and quantitative relationships in those reactions; solutions and solubility; and atmospheric chemistry and the behaviour of gases. Students will further develop their analytical skills and investigate the qualitative and quantitative properties of matter, as well as the impact of some common chemical reactions on society and the environment.


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Unit 1: Lessons 1-4

Lesson 1:
The Atomic Model
Lesson 2:
The Periodic Table and Periodic Trends
Lesson 3:
Ionic and Covalent Bonding
Lesson 4:
Properties of Compounds

Unit 2: Lessons 5-8

Lesson 5:
Chemical Names and Balancing Chemical Equations
Lesson 6:
Synthesis, Decomposition, and Displacement Reactions
Lesson 7:
Acids, Bases, and Their Environmental Effect
Lesson 8:
Combustion Reactions and Their Practical Applications

Unit 3: Lessons 9-12

Lesson 9:
Quantities in Chemistry: The Mole
Lesson 10:
Working with Chemical Equations and the Mole
Lesson 11:
Analyzing Chemical Equations for Yields and Limiting Reagents
Lesson 12:
Bhopal: A Chemical Disaster

Unit 4: Lessons 13-16

Lesson 13:
Solutions and Their Characteristics
Lesson 14:
Water, Solutions, and the Environment
Lesson 15:
Quantities in Solutions
Lesson 16:
Acids and Bases

Unit 5: Lessons 17-20

Lesson 17:
The Atmosphere and Chemical Reactions in It
Lesson 18:
The States of Matter
Lesson 19:
Gas Laws: Practical Applications
Lesson 20:
Gas Laws and Chemical Reactions
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