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SNC1P-B  Science

Course Code: SNC1P-B

Grade 9, Applied, 1.0 credit

This course enables students to develop their understanding of basic concepts in biology, chemistry, earth and space science, and physics, and to apply their knowledge of science to everyday situations. They are also given opportunities to develop practical skills related to scientific investigation. Students will plan and conduct investigations into practical problems and issues related to the impact of human activity on ecosystems; the structure and properties of elements and compounds; space exploration and the components of the universe; and static and current electricity.


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Unit 1: Lessons 1-5

Lesson 1:
Observing the World
Lesson 2:
Elements, Atoms, and the Periodic Table
Lesson 3:
Studying Elements Through Inquiry
Lesson 4:
Elements and Compounds
Lesson 5:
Chemicals in Everyday Life

Unit 2: Lessons 6-10

Lesson 6:
Ecosystem Components and Cycling of Nutrients
Lesson 7:
Population Studies
Lesson 8:
Researching Human Influences
Lesson 9:
Effects of Human Activities
Lesson 10:
Achieving Sustainability

Unit 3: Lessons 11-15

Lesson 11:
Static and Current Electricity
Lesson 12:
Properties of Current Electricity
Lesson 13:
How Stuff Works
Lesson 14:
The Production of Electrical Energy and Its Impact
Lesson 15:
Personal Plan for Energy Conservation

Unit 4: Lessons 16-20

Lesson 16:
What Is in the Universe?
Lesson 17:
The Properties of the Solar System
Lesson 18:
How Objects in the Universe Affect the Earth
Lesson 19:
Challenges and Benefits of Space Exploration
Lesson 20:
Canada's Contribution to the Space Program
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