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EBT4O-B  Business and Technological Communication

Course Code: EBT4O-B

Grade 12, Open, 1.0 credit

This course emphasizes practical writing and communication skills that are needed in the world of business and technology. Students will analyse the characteristics of effective models of business and technical communications; gather information to write reports, business letters, memos, manuals, instructions, and brochures; and integrate graphics and text, using technology appropriately for formatting and special effects.


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Unit 1: Lessons 1-5

Lesson 1:
Why Do Audience and Purpose Matter?
Lesson 2:
The Impact of Technology
Lesson 3:
Barriers to Effective Communication
Lesson 4:
Another Side of Communication
Lesson 5:
Thinking about Words

Unit 2: Lessons 6-10

Lesson 6:
About Memos
Lesson 7:
About Business Letters
Lesson 8:
Writing Difficult Messages
Lesson 9:
Using Text and Graphic Features
Lesson 10:
About Business Reports

Unit 3: Lessons 11-15

Lesson 11:
Culture and Communication
Lesson 12:
Communicating in Meetings
Lesson 13:
Effective Job Interviews
Lesson 14:
Preparing to Present
Lesson 15:
Delivering Presentations

Unit 4: Lessons 16-20

Lesson 16:
Reading Informational Texts
Lesson 17:
Professional Business Texts
Lesson 18:
Working on Websites
Lesson 19:
The Research Process
Lesson 20:
Informal Reports
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