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MBF3C-B  Foundations for College Mathematics

Course Code: MBF3C-B

Grade 11, College Preparation, 1.0 credit

This course enables students to broaden their understanding of mathematics as a problem solving tool in the real world. Students will extend their understanding of quadratic relations; investigate situations involving exponential growth; solve problems involving compound interest; solve financial problems connected with vehicle ownership; develop their ability to reason by collecting, analysing, and evaluating data involving one variable; connect probability and statistics; and solve problems in geometry and trigonometry. Students will consolidate their mathematical skills as they solve problems and communicate their thinking.


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Unit 1: Lessons 1-5

Lesson 1:
Applications and Representations of Geometric Shapes
Lesson 2:
Nets, Patterns, and Plans
Lesson 3:
Designing and Constructing Models
Lesson 4:
Trigonometry and Right Angles
Lesson 5:
The Sine Law and Cosine Law

Unit 2: Lessons 6-10

Lesson 6:
Collecting Data
Lesson 7:
Storing, Organizing, and Analyzing Data
Lesson 8:
Using Statistics to Make Decisions
Lesson 9:
Probability in Our Everyday Lives
Lesson 10:
Experimental and Theoretical Probability

Unit 3: Lessons 11-15

Lesson 11:
Quadratic Functions
Lesson 12:
Quadratic Functions in the Form y = a(x – h)2 + k
Lesson 13:
Lesson 14:
Exponential Functions
Lesson 15:
Applications of Exponential Growth

Unit 4: Lessons 16-20

Lesson 16:
Simple and Compound Interest
Lesson 17:
Using Technology to Calculate Interest on Investments
Lesson 18:
Credit Cards
Lesson 19:
Investment Strategies
Lesson 20:
Owning and Operating a Vehicle
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