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SVN3E-A  Environmental Science

Course Code: SVN3E-A

Grade 11, Workplace Preparation, 1.0 credit

This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge of and skills relating to environmental science that will help them succeed in work and life after secondary school. Students will explore a range of topics, including the impact of human activities on the environment; human health and the environment; energy conservation; resource science and management; and safety and environmental responsibility in the workplace. Emphasis is placed on relevant, practical applications and current topics in environmental science, with attention to the refinement of students’ literacy and mathematical literacy skills as well as the development of their scientific and environmental literacy.


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Unit 1: Lessons 1-4

Lesson 1:
Lesson 2:
Water Quality
Lesson 3:
Soil Quality
Lesson 4:
Air Quality

Unit 2: Lessons 5-8

Lesson 5:
Environmental Contaminants and the Human Body
Lesson 6:
Protecting Yourself
Lesson 7:
Whose Health?
Lesson 8:
From Carbon Footprints to Environmental Events

Unit 3: Lessons 9-12

Lesson 9:
Producing Energy
Lesson 10:
Renewable Energy Production: The Latest Trends
Lesson 11:
Conserving Energy at Home: Changing Behaviour
Lesson 12:
Conserving Energy at Home: Energy-Saving Features

Unit 4: Lessons 13-16

Lesson 13:
Natural Resources in Canada
Lesson 14:
Viability and Sustainability
Lesson 15:
Monitoring Biodiversity
Lesson 16:
More on Human Impact: Invasive Species, Bioamplification, and Global Warming

Unit 5: Lessons 17-20

Lesson 17:
Safety in the Workplace
Lesson 18:
Lesson 19:
Hazardous Materials in the Workplace
Lesson 20:
Waste Reduction in the Workplace
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