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BMX3E-A  Marketing: Retail and Service

Course Code: BMX3E-A

Grade 11, Workplace Preparation, 1.0 credit

This course helps students prepare for managerial positions in their future careers. Students will focus on the development of core skills required to become a successful manager, including operations management, inventory control, marketing, financial planning, scheduling, and communication. Students will also explore the management challenges of hiring, training, and motivating employees, and complying with legal requirements.

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Unit 1: Lessons 1-5

Lesson 1:
An Overview of Marketing Fundamentals
Lesson 2:
Marketing Products and Services
Lesson 3:
The Importance of Price in the Marketing Mix
Lesson 4:
Getting Goods and Services to the Right Place
Lesson 5:
Methods of Advertising and Sales Promotion

Unit 2: Lessons 6-10

Lesson 6:
Types of Consumers
Lesson 7:
Consumer Behaviour
Lesson 8:
Marketing Research for Retail and Service Businesses
Lesson 9:
The Competitive Market
Lesson 10:
The Selling Process

Unit 3: Lessons 11-15

Lesson 11:
Making Technology Work
Lesson 12:
What Kind of Business Is That?
Lesson 13:
Acting Responsibly: Issues, Ethics, and the Environment
Lesson 14:
Keeping Track of Inventory
Lesson 15:
Selling to Canada and the World

Unit 4: Lessons 16-20

Lesson 16:
Making It All Look Good
Lesson 17:
The People Factor
Lesson 18:
The Customer Is Always Right
Lesson 19:
Developing Your Skill Set
Lesson 20:
Career Search Strategies and Employment Opportunities
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