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The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) is mandated by the government of Ontario as the province's designated provider of distance education and GED® Testing.

The ILC is an accredited credit granting institution, and offers secondary school courses, for Grades 9 to 12, in all pathways, leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

ILC's outstanding courses and educational services meet all expectations of the Ontario Ministry of Education, and enable students to earn high school credits leading to a diploma, through independent, self-paced study.

The same lessons and curriculum used to deliver the ILC credit courses are available for sale.

ILC course material sales customers include educators, school boards and authorities, private and independent schools, and individuals such as homeschooling parents and tutors.

Many ILC courses utilize integrated web-based digital course components to meet curriculum expectations and to enhance learning. Where applicable, prices for materials include a one-year licence to access digital course components.

View the ILC secondary school course materials catalogue.

Enrolling as a Student

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sales of ILC course materials does not include test materials, evaluation or certification services.

If you are interested in earning a high school credit through independent study with the ILC, please see Enrolling in ILC Courses. Do NOT submit an ILC Sales Order Form or place an order online.


Elementary school program

ILC also offers Elementary School Courses for sale.

NOTE: The sale of elementary school course materials does not include evaluation or certification by ILC.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Elementary school course materials were published between 1997 and 1998 with no further updates thereafter. The course materials are non-compliant with current Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. The course materials are intended as a teaching aid only.

View the ILC elementary school course materials catalogue.

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