Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Ordering Details

Purchasing Entire Courses

To purchase all lesson materials for a course, enter the course name and code (all six characters) and specify "complete course" on the Order Form (PDF, 188 KB).

Textbooks and other items not sold by RR Donnelley are listed separately with the name of the recommended supplier. Supplier information is provided at the end of the course listings.

To ensure the integrity and credibility of the ILC credit granting program and to protect the interests of ILC students and teachers, final tests, marking guides, and teaching guides are not for sale.

Purchasing Individual Units or Items

When purchasing separate items, such as cassette sets, workbooks, or Units (e.g., Lessons 1-5, Lessons 6-10 etc.) include all relevant identification, especially the full course code, on the Order Form (PDF, 188 KB).

Methods of Purchasing


An account number is required to place an order online. First time customers are required to submit a profile. Following processing, an account number will be sent by email or by phone.

Returning customers need an account number and billing postal code to place an order.

To create an account number or place an order, select the button below.


By Mail or Fax

Completed Order Forms may be mailed or faxed to:


RR Donnelley
6100 Vipond Drive
Mississauga, ON
L5T 2X1

Fax: 905.362.3241 or toll-free to 1.888.362.3241.

Credit card or Purchase Order number is required for an order placed by fax or mail.


There are 2 payment options:

  • Purchase Order - A hardcopy invoice will be mailed to the billing address. Payment is due upon receipt.
  • Credit card - Include credit card number, expiry date, name of cardholder and signature. Credit card orders are charged at time of ordering.

The order form must be completed by the person arranging the purchase. Please ensure that your name and full mailing and shipping address are included. Incomplete forms will be returned.

Billing Terms

Customers should be aware that GST (5%) regulations apply to the purchase of materials in this catalogue. It is the responsibility of customers who are exempt from GST to state their exemption number on each order. On the first order processed through RR Donnelley, the client will also be required to provide a copy of their GST exemption certificate.

HST of 14% applies to orders shipped to Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

Overdue Accounts Policy

Invoices are payable on receipt. With permission of the Independent Learning Centre, RR Donnelley reserves the right to withhold further orders when payment has not been made.

NSF cheques are subject to a $25 service charge.


Prices shown in the catalogue are subject to change and valid until further notice. The GST will be added or a GST exemption number must be provided.


A freight and handling charge of 6% must be added to the order value, with minimum charge of $6 to a maximum charge of $100. Shipments are generally handled through UPS.

Materials are normally shipped within two working days of receipt of the order at RR Donnelley. Up to ten working days may be required for processing and shipping orders over $1000.

Orders submitted after 3:00 p.m. ET will be processed the next business day.

Customers must verify the accuracy of shipments promptly. Complaints concerning short or inaccurate shipments, or any other problems that involve requests for adjustments, must be received within ten working days of receipt of shipment.

Conditions of Sale

  • Course materials are not sent on approval.
  • No returns will be accepted except in the case of distributor error. Customers must seek prior authorization from RR Donnelley for returns within ten working days of receipt of the order.
  • Due to copyright restrictions, the right to resell or reproduce ILC course materials is limited to RR Donnelley.
  • Availability, course codes, and prices are subject to change without notice.

Terms of usage for digital course component access

  • Access is valid for one year from date of initial log in.
  • All materials found on ILC.org are protected by Copyright Law.
  • Materials may not be shared, modified, copied, translated or sold.
  • Some components referred to in the materials are accessible only to ILC-enrolled learners, including but not limited to: practice tests, answer key for key questions and suggested answers to support questions.


Customers may contact the RR Donnelley customer service centre by emailing ILC@rrd.com or by calling 905.362.3240 or 1.888.362.3240. Please note this phone line is for inquiries only. All orders must be faxed or mailed to RR Donnelley or placed online.

Reproduction Notice


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