Sales Catalogue

Sales Catalogue

ILC Secondary School Course Specifications

ILC's high school course materials meet all expectations of the Ontario Ministry of Education, and are designed to enable independent, self-paced study of secondary school curriculum. Each year thousands of learners earn high school credits and complete Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements through study with ILC.

The ILC Courses:

  • Are developed and written by Ontario-certified teachers with experience in the subject matter, in partnership with ILC instructional designers.
  • Satisfy every course specific expectation of the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum, with 110 hours of instruction for full-credit courses, 55 hours for half-credit courses.
  • Have the teacher's voice embedded in the lessons, and are structured to facilitate independent learning.
  • Incorporate the most up to date theory in blended learning and distance education techniques, including the use of integrated digital course elements.
  • Can be used either for independent study or as a valuable reference resource for educators, tutors, homeschooling parents and program facilitators.
  • Can be personalized to reflect local needs.

Course structure

  • Each course is divided into units, and each unit contains 4 or 5 lessons. Full-credit courses usually have 20 lessons in total (110 hours of instruction) and half-credit courses have 10 lessons in total (55 hours of instruction).
  • Units are available, and priced individually.
  • If available with a course, prices include a one-year licence to access integrated digital course components from ILC's web-based portal.
  • Some supplementary materials required for courses, such as textbooks, science kits, novels, etc. are not part of this sales service. These additional materials are listed with ISBNs when appropriate and the recommended supplier's name.

Who purchases ILC course materials?

  • Teachers, professional educators
  • Private and Independent schools
  • Public Schools and School Boards
  • First Nations Education Authorities and Friendship Centres
  • Alternative schools
  • Adult education centres
  • Homeschooling parents and individuals
  • Tutoring centres
  • Community groups
  • Youth centres
  • Vocational training centres
  • Hospitals and hospices
  • Correctional institutions
  • Libraries and resource centres
  • Seniors' centres
  • Consulates, Embassies


To ensure the integrity and credibility of the ILC direct enrolment and day school credit granting program and to protect the interests of ILC students and teachers, final tests, marking guides, and teaching guides are not for sale.

The sale of course materials does not include evaluation or certification by ILC. When you purchase course material, you are not enrolled with the ILC. If you would like to enrol in a course to receive a credit for your diploma, please learn how to enrol.

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