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Independent Learning Centre

How ILC Courses Work


The ILC offers distance education courses designed for independent study. The courses meet the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education. ILC courses are delivered using an independent study model which can provide students the following benefits:


  • You can enrol in a course at any time of the year
  • There are no set classes, so you can study anytime and anywhere
  • You can work at your own pace and have up to 10 months to complete a course
  • Students are generally able to complete a full credit course in as little as 4 months and a half-credit course in as little as 2 months
  • Qualified Ontario certified ILC teachers mark your course work and are available to help by email or by phone- see contact information
  • After you enrol, you will receive all the instructions and material needed to start a course.
  • You will receive information on how to access the "My ILC" section of this website. In "My ILC" you can view your student records, access digital components of your course, and submit your course work online.
  • Course content is delivered using a variety of methods including:
    • Online, through My ILC
    • Blended, combination of online through My ILC and in print
    • Printed materials
  • Course materials include readings, practice exercises, assignments and (depending on the course) other resources such as books, software and web-based practice tutorials.
  • Each course has a Journal used to collect your work and monitor your progress.
  • Each course is divided into units: One-credit courses usually have four units, half-credit courses have two units. When you finish one unit, you move on to the next.
  • At the end of each unit, you submit your Journal to ILC. You can send your material two ways: online or by mail. Your teachers evaluate your work and make helpful comments. Your Journal is then returned to you.
  • A Student Help service is also available if you require clarification or assistance with course work. Learn more about getting help doing lessons.

If you work regularly every day or every other day, you will probably complete a unit in two to four weeks. At that rate, it will take you roughly:

  • four months to complete a full-credit course
  • two months to complete a half-credit course

These times do not include mail time or the final test.

In order to receive your credit, you must successfully complete all units of work and then write and pass the final test. If you are not successful on your first attempt, you can try a second test.


Students enrolling in ILC credit courses have ten months to successfully pass all units of their course and write the final test.

Final Test

  • When you complete all units in a course, ILC will send you information about your test. All credit courses have a supervised final test.
  • You can take your final test at the ILC offices in Toronto, or in your local area with an ILC test supervisor. You must bring photo ID to the test.
  • Students must pass the final test to pass their course.

What You Earn

The credits you earn are the same as those earned at any secondary school in Ontario. Every ILC course meets the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education and counts towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

More Information

To find more detailed information on high school courses see Course Procedures. This information is relevant to ILC high school credit courses.