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Course Information

All Grade 12 courses

Studies in Literature - ETS4U

ILC Course Code: ETS4U-A

Grade 12, University Preparation, 1.0 credit

English (ENG3U-B)

Course Description

This course is for students with a special interest in literature and literary criticism. The course focuses on genres. You will analyze a range of forms and stylistic elements of literary texts and respond personally, critically, and creatively to them. You will also assess critical interpretations, and write analytical essays.

Note: This course is delivered online through My ILC. All lessons are in electronic form and can be downloaded and printed by the student if desired. All assignments must be submitted online using the assignment submission tool (part of My ILC).  For special circumstances: Contact Learner Services.

Online Submission

Online submission of course work is required for this course using Microsoft Word © or OpenOffice Writer.

Materials provided on loan

Sweetness in the Belly, The French Lieutenant's Woman, Different Seasons, and Frankenstein

Unit 1: Introduction to Literary Theory and Analysis

Lesson 1 - What Is Literature?

Lesson 2 - Introduction to Theories of Literary Criticism

Lesson 3 - New Reading Theory and Sweetness in the Belly

Lesson 4 - The Narrator, Narrative Structures and Techniques

Lesson 5 - Characters and Immigrant Experiences

Unit 2: Archetypal Literary Theory

Lesson 6 - Northrop Frye on Archetypal Literary Theory

Lesson 7 - Interpretations of Mythology and Jung's "Collective Unconscious"

Lesson 8 - The Archetypal Five-Phase Hero Journey Formula

Lesson 9 - The Hero Quest in Stephen King's The Body

Lesson 10 - The Hero Realization

Unit 3: Historical-Biographical Literary Theory

Lesson 11 - Historical-Biographical Literary Theory and Tennyson's "The Lady of Shalott"

Lesson 12 - The Romantic Interest in Nature and "The Sublime"

Lesson 13 - Biographical Literary Theory and the Creation of the "Monster" in Frankenstein

Lesson 14 - The Theme of Isolation in Frankenstein

Lesson 15 - The Outcast Character as a True Critic of Society

Unit 4: A Postmodernist Approach to Literature

Lesson 16 - Postmodernism and Chapter 1 of The French Lieutenant's Woman, a Constructed Text

Lesson 17 - Narrative Viewpoint, Metafiction, and The French Lieutenant's Woman

Lesson 18 - Representations of Social Class

Lesson 19 - Deconstructing Gender

Lesson 20 - The Multiple Endings

This is the English version of the course.

This course is not currently available in French. Please check back often for new course releases.