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English - ENG2P

ILC Course Code: ENG2P-B

Grade 10, Applied, 1.0 credit

English (ENG1P-B) or
English (ENG1D-B)

Course Description

This course is designed to extend the range of oral communication, reading, writing, and media literacy skills that you will need for success in your secondary school academic programs and daily life. You will study and create a variety of informational, literary, and graphic texts. An important focus will be on the consolidation of strategies and processes that help you interpret texts and communicate clearly and effectively. This course is intended to prepare you for the compulsory Grade 11 college or workplace preparation course.

In this course you will analyze video and audio clips featuring interviews, current affairs discussions as part of the syllabus.

Online Submission

Option to submit course work online is available, using Microsoft Word © or OpenOffice Writer.

Materials provided on loan


Unit 1: Choices

Lesson 1 - Making Personal Choices

Lesson 2 - How Choices Affect Others

Lesson 3 - Heroic Choices

Lesson 4 - Choosing a Future

Lesson 5 - Life-changing Choices

Unit 2: Life Lessons

Lesson 6 - Crabbe Runs Away

Lesson 7 - Crabbe Starts to Learn

Lesson 8 - Crabbe Takes Charge

Lesson 9 - Driver's Test: A Comedy in One Act

Lesson 10 - Sometimes Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Unit 3: Media

Lesson 11 - From Script to Screen

Lesson 12 - More About the Movies!

Lesson 13 - Active Listening

Lesson 14 - Doing Research

Lesson 15 - Oral Presentations

Unit 4: News and Advertising

Lesson 16 - Express Yourself!

Lesson 17 - The News Report

Lesson 18 - Advertising

Lesson 19 - Turn the Radio Up!

Lesson 20 - Send the Message

This is the English version of the course.

Click here to view the French version of the course.