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Course Information

All Grade 12 courses

Foundations for College Mathematics - MAP4C

ILC Course Code: MAP4C-B

Grade 12, College Preparation, 1.0 credit

Foundations for College Mathematics (MBF3C-B) or
Functions and Applications (MCF3M-B)

Course Description

This course enables you to broaden your understanding of real-world applications of mathematics. You will analyse data using statistical methods; solve problems involving applications of geometry and trigonometry; solve financial problems connected with annuities, budgets, and renting or owning accommodation; simplify expressions; and solve equations. You will reason mathematically and communicate your thinking as you solve multi-step problems.This course prepares you for college programs in areas such as business, health sciences, and human services, and for certain skilled trades.

Online Submission

Option to submit course work online is available, using Microsoft Word © or OpenOffice Writer.

Supplementary materials

A spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel © or OpenOffice Calc (instructions are provided for downloading OpenOffice)

A graphing calculator such as TI83+ or TI84+, is required for course work but not for the final test.  Therefore students may choose to use an online graphing calculator.

Unit 1: Mathematical Models

Lesson 1 - Working with Exponents

Lesson 2 - Exponential Equations

Lesson 3 - Interpreting Graphs and Using Graphical Models

Lesson 4 - Types of Graphical Models

Lesson 5 - Working with Formulas

Unit 2: Personal Finance

Lesson 6 - Annuities

Lesson 7 - Mortgages

Lesson 8 - Considering an Affordable Place to Live

Lesson 9 - Budgets

Lesson 10 - Smart Financial Planning

Unit 3: Geometry and Trigonometry

Lesson 11 - Measurement and Geometry

Lesson 12 - Volume and Introduction to Optimal Dimensions

Lesson 13 - Optimal Dimensions

Lesson 14 - Introduction to Trigonometry

Lesson 15 - Obtuse Angles, Sine Law, and Cosine Law

Unit 4: Data Management

Lesson 16 - Sampling, Surveys, and Data Collection

Lesson 17 - Lines of Best Fit

Lesson 18 - Trends and Data Analysis

Lesson 19 - Statistical Terms and Indices

Lesson 20 - Interpreting Statistics

This is the English version of the course.

Click here to view the French version of the course.