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Mathematics for College Technology - MCT4C

ILC Course Code: MCT4C-B

Grade 12, College Preparation, 1.0 credit

Functions (MCR3U-B) or
Functions and Applications (MCF3M-B)

Course Description

This course enables you to extend your knowledge of functions. You will investigate and apply properties of polynomial, exponential, and trigonometric functions; continue to represent functions numerically, graphically, and algebraically; develop facility in simplifying expressions and solving equations; and solve problems that address applications of algebra, trigonometry, vectors, and geometry. You will reason mathematically and communicate your thinking as you solve multi-step problems.This course prepares you for a variety of college technology programs.

A scanner may be required for submission of assignments by e-Journal.

Online Submission

Option to submit course work online is available, using Microsoft Word © or OpenOffice Writer.

Supplementary materials

Students should have access to a regular scientific calculator.

A scientific calculator

Unit 1: Polynomial Functions

Lesson 1 - Polynomial Functions and Their Graphs

Lesson 2 - Graphing Polynomial Functions

Lesson 3 - Polynomial Functions and the Factored Form

Lesson 4 - Strategies for Factoring Polynomials

Lesson 5 - Solving Problems Using Polynomials

Unit 2: Formulas and Exponential Functions

Lesson 6 - Polynomial Formulas

Lesson 7 - Exponential Functions

Lesson 8 - Intersection of Exponential Equations

Lesson 9 - Solving Exponential Equations and Applications

Lesson 10 - Logarithms

Unit 3: Trigonometric Functions

Lesson 11 - Trigonometry Review and Trigonometric Ratios of Angles from 0° to 360°

Lesson 12 - Two- and Three-Dimensional Trigonometric Applications

Lesson 13 - Introduction to Sinusoidal Functions

Lesson 14 - Transformation of Sinusoidal Functions

Lesson 15 - Applications of Sinusoidal Functions

Unit 4: Applications of Geometry

Lesson 16 - Vectors and Their Components

Lesson 17 - Addition and Subtraction of Vectors

Lesson 18 - Measurement: Area and Volume

Lesson 19 - Measurement: Circles and Their Properties

Lesson 20 - Applications of Circle Geometry

This is the English version of the course.

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