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Chemistry - SCH4C

ILC Course Code: SCH4C-B

Grade 12, College Preparation, 1.0 credit

Science (SNC2P-B) or
Science (SNC2D-B)

Course Description

This course enables you to develop an understanding of chemistry through the study of matter and qualitative analysis, organic chemistry, electrochemistry, chemical calculations, and chemistry as it relates to the quality of the environment. You will use a variety of laboratory techniques, develop skills in data collection and scientific analysis, and communicate scientific information using appropriate terminology. Emphasis will be placed on the role of chemistry in daily life and the effects of technological applications and processes on society and the environment.

Online Submission

Option to submit course work online is available, using Microsoft Word © or OpenOffice Writer.

Supplementary materials

A scientific calculator (can display very large or very small numbers in scientific notation, and can do exponents).


Unit 1: Matter and Qualitative Analysis

Lesson 1 - Matter, Atoms, Compounds, and Energy

Lesson 2 - Chemical Reactions: Types and Analysis

Lesson 3 - Solubility Rules

Lesson 4 - Applications in Chemistry

Unit 2: Organic Chemistry

Lesson 5 - Carbon in the World

Lesson 6 - Representing Hydrocarbons and Simple Organic Compounds

Lesson 7 - Functional Groups and Complex Organic Compounds

Lesson 8 - Applications and Implications of Carbon Chemistry

Unit 3: Chemical Calculations

Lesson 9 - The Mole and Molar Quantities

Lesson 10 - Methods of Expressing Concentration

Lesson 11 - Mass/Mole Relationships in Chemical Reactions

Lesson 12 - Limiting Reagents and Percent Yield

Unit 4: Water Chemistry and Water Quality

Lesson 13 - Water and Its Properties

Lesson 14 - Polluted Water

Lesson 15 - Acids and Bases and Their Applications

Lesson 16 - Acid Precipitation

Unit 5: Air Quality and Electrochemistry

Lesson 17 - What Is in Air?

Lesson 18 - Air Quality

Lesson 19 - Oxidation Reduction Reactions

Lesson 20 - Galvanic Cells and Their Applications

This is the English version of the course.

This course is not currently available in French. Please check back often for new course releases.