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English - EAE3C

ILC Course Code: EAE3C-2

Grade 11, précollégial, 1.0 credit

English (EAE2P-2)

Course Description

This course emphasizes the development of literacy, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills that are necessary for success in academic and daily life. Students will analyse and respond critically to literary texts from Canada and other countries; interpret a variety of informational and media texts; create texts in a variety of forms for school-related and practical purposes; and consolidate skills and strategies that contribute to effective oral communication. Important focuses are establishing an appropriate voice for specific purposes and audiences and using language with precision and clarity.

Online Submission

Option to submit course work online is available, using Microsoft Word © or OpenOffice Writer.

Materials provided on loan

Foundations of English and Of Mice and Men

Unit 1: Quest for a Dream

Leçon 1 - Truth and Tragedy

Leçon 2 - Foreshadowing

Leçon 3 - Symbolism

Leçon 4 - Understanding Microcosms

Leçon 5 - Friendship and Sacrifice

Unit 2: Getting Ready for Change

Leçon 6 - Taking Risks

Leçon 7 - The Job Hunt

Leçon 8 - Engaging Your Audience

Leçon 9 - Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Leçon 10 - Here I Am

Unit 3: The Future

Leçon 11 - Choice and Opportunity

Leçon 12 - Crunch Time

Leçon 13 - Stepping Out

Leçon 14 - What May Be

Leçon 15 - Your Wish

Unit 4: Research and Oral Communication

Leçon 16 - Raising Your Voice

Leçon 17 - Tuning In

Leçon 18 - Getting the Facts

Leçon 19 - Evaluative Report

Leçon 20 - A Last Look at the Interview

This is the French version of the course.

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