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Issues in Canadian Geography - CGC1P

ILC Course Code: CGC1P-B

Grade 9, Applied, 1.0 credit

Course Description

This course focuses on current geographic issues that affect Canadians. In it, you will draw on your personal and everyday experiences as you explore issues relating to food and water supplies, competing land uses, interactions with the natural environment, and other topics relevant to sustainable living in Canada. You will also develop an awareness that issues that affect your life in Canada are interconnected with issues in other parts of the world. Throughout the course, you will use the concepts of geographic thinking, the geographic inquiry process, and spatial technologies to guide and support your investigations.

Online Submission

Online submission of course work is required for this course using Microsoft Word © or OpenOffice Writer.

Unit 1: Interactions in the physical environment (Part A)

Lesson 1 - Natural disasters in Canada

Lesson 2 - Climate change in Canada

Unit 2: Interactions in the physical environment (Part B)

Lesson 3 - Getting to know Canada

Lesson 4 - Canada's natural regions

Lesson 5 - Global events that affect Canada

Unit 3: Managing Canada's resources and industries (Part A)

Lesson 6 - Industries in Canada

Lesson 7 - Renewable resources

Lesson 8 - Non-renewable resources

Unit 4: Managing Canada's resources and industries (Part B)

Lesson 9 - Conventional and alternative forms of energy

Lesson 10 - Canadian manufacturing, trade, and transportation

Unit 5: Changing populations

Lesson 11: Canada's population: Past and present

Lesson 12: Canadian cultural diversity

Lesson 13: Immigration to Canada

Lesson 14: Population settlement in Canada

Lesson 15: Understanding population changes

Unit 6: Liveable communities (Part A)

Lesson 16: Managing our waste

Lesson 17: Environmental sustainability

Unit 7: Liveable communities (Part B)

Lesson 18: Land use

Lesson 19: Urban land use and planning

Lesson 20: Analyzing communities to find sustainable solutions

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