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Financial Accounting Principles - BAT4M

ILC Course Code: BAT4M-C

Grade 12, University / College Preparation, 1.0 credit

Financial Accounting Fundamentals (BAF3M-B)

Course Description

This course introduces you to advanced accounting principles that will prepare you for postsecondary studies in business. You will learn about financial statements for various forms of business ownership and how those statements are interpreted in making business decisions.This course expands your knowledge of sources of financing, further develops accounting methods for assets, and introduces accounting for partnerships and corporations.

Online Submission

Online submission of course work is required for this course using Microsoft Word © or OpenOffice Writer.

Unit 1: The Accounting Cycle

Lesson 1: Accounting fundamentals, principles, and practices

Lesson 2: The accounting cycle

Unit 2: Ethics and Computerized Accounting

Lesson 3: Ethical issues in accounting

Lesson 4: Accounting in a computerized environment

Lesson 5: Short-term assets

Unit 3: Accounting for Assets, Part 1

Lesson 6: Inventory process

Lesson 7: Internal control

Lesson 8: Capital asset accounting

Unit 4: Accounting for Assets, Part 2

Lesson 9: Amortization

Lesson 10: A closer look at amortization

Unit 5: Partnerships and Corporations

Lesson 11: Characteristics of partnerships

Lesson 12: Corporations

Lesson 13: Dividend accounting

Lesson 14: Income statement for a corporation

Lesson 15: Preparing a balance sheet

Unit 6: Financial Analysis and Decision Making, Part 1

Lesson 16: Methods of financing

Lesson 17: Financial analysis of a company and the cash flow statement

Unit 7: Financial Analysis and Decision Making, Part 2

Lesson 18: Analyzing annual reports

Lesson 19: Financial analysis for decision making

Lesson 20: Decision making in accounting

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