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World Religions: Beliefs, Issues, and Religious Traditions - HRT3M

ILC Course Code: HRT3M-A

Grade 11, University / College Preparation, 1.0 credit

Course Description

This course provides you with opportunities to explore various world religions and belief traditions. You will: develop knowledge of the terms and concepts relevant to this area of study; examine the ways in which religions and belief traditions meet various human needs; and, learn about the relationship between belief and action. You will also examine sacred writings and teachings, consider how concepts of time and place influence different religions and belief traditions, and develop research and inquiry skills related to the study of human expressions of belief.

Online Submission

Online submission of course work is required for this course using Microsoft Word © or OpenOffice Writer.

Unit 1: Questions about religion

Lesson 1 - What do you believe in?

Lesson 2 - How to study a religion

Unit 2: Where are the answers?

Lesson 3 - Religion in people's lives

Lesson 4 - The search for answers

Lesson 5 - What's my take?

Unit 3: Tenets of faith

Lesson 6 - In the beginning...

Lesson 7 - Entities and leaders

Lesson 8 - Defend your position

Unit 4: Beliefs and traditions

Lesson 9 - Traditions and texts

Lesson 10 - Differences within faith

Unit 5: Faith in action

Lesson 11 - Daily practices of faith

Lesson 12 - Changing times

Lesson 13 - Religious holidays

Lesson 14 - Symbols of faith

Lesson 15 - Rites of passage

Unit 6: Values and viewpoints

Lesson 16 - Values, rights, and freedoms

Lesson 17 - Religion in the secular world

Unit 7: Faith and freedom

Lesson 18 - Faith and society

Lesson 19 - Culture and religion

Lesson 20 - Putting it all together

This is the English version of the course.

This course is not currently available in French. Please check back often for new course releases.