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English - ENG4E

Code du cours CEI : ENG4E-B

12e année, Workplace Preparation, 1,0 crédit

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English (ENG3E-B)

Description de cours

This course emphasizes the consolidation of literacy, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills necessary for success in the workplace and in daily life. You will analyze informational, graphic, and literary texts and create written, and media texts in a variety of forms for workplace-related and practical purposes. An important focus will be on using language accurately and organizing ideas and information coherently. This course is intended to prepare you for the workplace and active citizenship.

In this course you will analyze video and audio clips for analysis featuring post secondary classroom lectures, Free the Children's Craig Kielburger, provoking public service announcements and more.

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Matériel prêté

Moving On: Student Anthology

Unit 1: Reading Skills

Lesson 1 - Game Plan: Strategic Reading

Lesson 2 - Moments of Truth: Reading Narrative Text

Lesson 3 - Get the Point: Reading Information Text

Lesson 4 - Let Me Tell You Something: The Personal Essay and the Editorial Cartoon

Lesson 5 - Picture It: The Impact of Graphics

Unit 2: Oral Communication Skills

Lesson 6 - Active Listening

Lesson 7 - Tips for Talking: Speaking Effectively

Lesson 8 - Group Communication: Working Together

Lesson 9 - Making Things Happen: Following and Giving Oral Instructions

Lesson 10 - On Stage: Writing and Presenting a Speech

Unit 3: Living and Learning Together: Forms of Writing

Lesson 11 - Between Family and Friends: Descriptive Writing

Lesson 12 - Celebrating Differences: Learning More about Writing and Narrative

Lesson 13 - Many Voices: Summarizing

Lesson 14 - Perspectives and Opinions: Supporting Opinion in Writing

Lesson 15 - Perspectives and Values: Expressing an Opinion in a Personal Essay

Unit 4: Eyes Wide Open: Understanding Media Texts

Lesson 16 - Media in Our Lives: Analyzing Media Texts

Lesson 17 - Media Analysis and the Research Process

Lesson 18 - Report Writing

Lesson 19 - Terrified and Loving It: The Movie Review

Lesson 20 - Addressing Health, Help, and Happiness: The Storyboard

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