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English - EAE4U

Code du cours CEI : EAE4U-2

12e année, préuniversitaire, 1,0 crédit

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English (EAE3U-1)

Description de cours

This course consolidates the reading, writing, oral communication, and media literacy skills needed in university and beyond. Students will analyse and assess literary and informational texts from Canada and other countries; write an academic essay, a research paper, short reports, informational texts, and creative texts; present opinions and information clearly and effectively in presentations; analyse and design or create media works, and research, synthesize, and organize information to support a thesis.

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Matériel prêté

King Lear, Cat's Eye, and Tuesdays with Morrie

Unit 1: The Issue of Identity

Lesson 1 - The Ties That Bind

Lesson 2 - Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder–Or Is It?

Lesson 3 - Through the Eyes of Others

Lesson 4 - Defining Moments

Lesson 5 - A Time for Introspection

Unit 2: The Essence of Tragedy

Lesson 6 - The Breakdown of Order

Lesson 7 - Approaching the Abyss

Lesson 8 - Living in a Fallen World

Lesson 9 - A Question of Justice—and Mercy

Lesson 10 - The Final Reckoning: Retribution and Redemption

Unit 3: The Search for Life's Meaning

Lesson 11 - Finding Answers Through Research

Lesson 12 - The Search for Answers

Lesson 13 - Passing the Torch

Lesson 14 - Through Your Eyes

Lesson 15 - Lessons Learned

Unit 4: Facing the Past, Facing the Future

Lesson 16 - There Is Never Only One, of Anyone

Lesson 17 - Power and Relationships

Lesson 18 - How Identity Evolves

Lesson 19 - Moving Beyond Boundaries

Lesson 20 - Bringing It All Together

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