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Science - SNC4M

Code du cours CEI : SNC4M-B

12e année, University / College Preparation, 1,0 crédit

Cours préalable
Science (SNC2D-B) ou
any Grade 11 university, university/college or college preparation course in science

Description de cours

This course enables you, including those of you pursuing postsecondary programs outside the sciences, to increase your understanding of science and contemporary social and environmental issues in health-related fields. You will explore a variety of medical technologies, pathogens and disease, nutritional science, public health issues, and biotechnology. The course focuses on the theoretical aspects of the topics under study and helps refine students’ scientific investigation skills.

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Unit 1: Nutritional Science

This unit covers the science behind nutrition. You will examine the function of the digestive system, the science of macromolecules and micronutrients, the requirements for a balanced diet, and personal and societal factors that affect eating behaviours. Using online tools, you will be able to view and rotate 3D models of molecules, conduct chemical tests to identify the chemicals in foods, and measure the caloric content of food.

Unit 2: Pathogens and Disease

This unit focuses on the germ theory of infectious disease. You will examine the different ways that pathogens can spread and reproduce. You will also learn the incredible way the human immune system defends against infection, such as HIV/AIDS, and how it can learn to adapt to prevent new infections. Online labs let you explore the life cycle of the HIV virus and practice identifying bacterial diseases under a microscope.

Unit 3: Science and Public Health Issues

You will learn about the social and environmental factors that affect public health including the spread of infectious diseases via international travel and poverty.  You will prepare a research report summarizing the impact of scientific research and technological advances on public health around the world. 

Unit 4: Biotechnology

You will examine the many potential applications of new genetic technologies, from tailoring of medications to diagnostics to the creation of “designer babies”. You will also examine the experimental field of gene therapy and analyse the social, ethical, and legal issues this raises. A series of videos takes you behind the scenes at a genetics lab at the Canadian Museum of Nature where you will learn modern techniques of DNA sequencing. Using an online simulator you will experiment with various techniques of gene therapy to combat the inherited lung disease cystic fibrosis. At the end of the unit you will write a short research report analyzing ethical issues in genetic screening.

Unit 5: Medical Technologies

Here you will learn about all kinds of medical technologies used to diagnose and treat human health conditions. You will examine the equipment used to measure the four primary vital signs in humans: body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and respiration rate. You will gain hands-on experience analysing microscopic samples of blood to detect different types of illness,

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