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Marketing: Retail and Service - BMX3E

Code du cours CEI : BMX3E-A

11e année, Workplace Preparation, 1,0 crédit

Description de cours

This course helps you prepare for managerial positions in your future career. You will focus on the development of core skills required to become a successful manager, including operations management, inventory control, marketing, financial planning, scheduling, and communication. You will also explore the management challenges of hiring, training, and motivating employees, and complying with legal requirements.

Note: This course is delivered online through My ILC. All lessons are in electronic form and can be downloaded and printed by the student if desired. All assignments must be submitted online using the assignment submission tool (part of My ILC). For special circumstances: Contact Learner Services.

Journal électronique

Pour ce cours, il faut soumettre le travail en ligne en utilisant Microsoft Word © ou OpenOffice Writer.

Le matériel supplémentaire

To do well in this course you will need a computer and access to a device that can take digital pictures, such as a camera or smartphone.

Unit 1: Marketing Fundamentals

In this unit you learn that marketing is actually a combination of many different activities, such as advertising, packaging, and branding. You will focus on each of the four parts of the marketing mix, and how each of them is important to retailing. To help you with these concepts you will follow the development of a small business called Presents and assist the owner with applying each part of the marketing mix to her gift shop and its online presence. At the end of this unit you will send in five key questions that allow you to demonstrate the skills you learned in each of the five lessons. Your work will be evaluated based on its accuracy and how well it relates to what you learned in the unit.

Unit 2: Consumers and Competition

You will continue to study the Presents store from Unit 1 in order to examine the concepts of consumer behaviour and competition. You will profile a target market for Presents, create a consumer survey that identifies various groups that might shop there, describe different types of competition for Presents, and illustrate how Presents would handle the selling process. You will also consider recent trends and issues that affect retailing in Canada. At the end of this unit you will send in ten key questions. Your work will be evaluated based on its accuracy and how well it relates to the knowledge and abilities learned in Unit 2.

Unit 3: Trends in Retail and Service Marketing

In this unit you will explore trends via another retail store, the clothing store Outfits. As a virtual assistant manager at Outfits, you’ll see how information technology contributes to the success of the business. You’ll explore various types of ownership of the businesses and the competitive advantages one type may have over another. All of this needs to be legal so, you will explore laws and regulations at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels and the impact they have on retail and service regulations. As you need to track what you sell, you’ll want to learn about inventory control, and how to prevent theft. The unit ends with a discussion of how new trends, especially globalization, online shopping, and social media are affecting stores like Outfits. At the end of this unit you will send in your answers to short key questions.

Unit 4: Marketing for Success in the Retail and Service Sectors

In this final unit you will explore customer service techniques and how they contribute to the customer’s overall experience with the business. What are the essential skills, qualities, and attributes valued by employers and how they are used in the personal selling process? At the end of this unit you will send in seven key questions. These questions will require some creativity on your part. For instance, you will take a photo of a virtual store window display that you have created to sell merchandise. You will also create an actual job application, resumé, and cover letter for a retail sales position at Outfits.

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