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Canadian History since World War I - CHC2D

Code du cours CEI : CHC2D-D

10e année, Academic, 1,0 crédit

Description de cours

This course explores social, economic, and political developments and events and their impact on the lives of different groups in Canada since 1914. You will examine the role of conflict and cooperation in Canadian society, Canada’s evolving role within the global community, and the impact of various individuals, organizations, and events on Canadian identity, citizenship, and heritage. You will also develop your ability to apply the concepts of historical thinking and the historical inquiry process, including the interpretation and analysis of evidence, when investigating key issues and events in Canadian history since 1914.

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Unit 1: Canada: 1914–1929 (Part A)

Lesson 1 - World War I in Europe

Lesson 2 - On the home front

Unit 2: Canada: 1914–1929 (Part B)

Lesson 3 - When the war was over

Lesson 4 - The Roaring Twenties

Lesson 5 - How did Canada respond and change?

Unit 3: Canada: 1929–1945 (Part A)

Lesson 6 - The Depression

Lesson 7 - Responses to the Depression

Lesson 8 - World War Two: The beginning

Unit 4: Canada: 1929–1945 (Part B)

Lesson 9 - World War II battles

Lesson 10 - World War II at home

Unit 5: Canada: 1945-1982

Lesson 11 - Canada's International Relations, 1945–1982

Lesson 12 - Social changes and challenges

Lesson 13 - Politics and society, 1945–1982

Lesson 14 - Economic and social challenges from 1945 to 1982

Lesson 15 - Evolving identity

Unit 6: Canada: 1982 to the present (Part A)

Lesson 16 - Big events: 1982–present

Lesson 17 - Politics and society: 1982–present

Unit 7: Canada: 1982 to the present (Part B)

Lesson 18 - Demographics, technology, and the arts

Lesson 19 - The economy: 1982–present

Lesson 20 - Moving on: 1982–present

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