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Challenge and Change in Society - HSB4U

Code du cours CEI : HSB4U-A

12e année, University Preparation, 1,0 crédit

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any university or university/college preparation course in Canadian and world studies, English, or social sciences and humanities

Description de cours

This course focuses on the use of social science theories, perspectives, and methodologies to investigate and explain shifts in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviour and their impact on society. You will critically analyse how and why cultural, social, and behavioural patterns change over time. You will explore the ideas of social theorists and use those ideas to analyse causes of and responses to challenges such as technological change, deviance, and global inequalities. You will also explore ways in which social science research methods can be used to study social change.

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Unit 1: What is social change?

Lesson 1: Getting started in this mad world: Introduction to sociology?

Lesson 2: Methods to the madness: Sociological research methods

Unit 2: How can I explain social change?

Lesson 3: A model of inquiry

Lesson 4: Doing it right: Ethics in research

Lesson 5: Order in chaos: Putting it all together

Unit 3: How does social change occur?

Lesson 6: Let's be the change we want to see

Lesson 7: How do we change the world?

Lesson 8: Who creates change?

Unit 4: What are some barriers to social change?

Lesson 9: Stepping up: Groups and social change

Lesson 10: The sweeping pendulum of change

Unit 5: How does social change affect us?

Lesson 11: The population paradox

Lesson 12: The challenge of immigration

Lesson 13: Who am I?

Lesson 14: Exceptions to the rule

Lesson 15: How to encourage society to fall in line

Unit 6: What are some examples of social change (part 1)?

Lesson 16: Discrimination, prejudice, and our protection of rights

Lesson 17: Poverty and its causes

Unit 7: What are some examples of social change (part 2)?

Lesson 18: Are we becoming too interconnected?

Lesson 19: Why are there more slaves in the world now?

Lesson 20: Environmental matters

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