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World Cultures - HSC4M

Code du cours CEI : HSC4M-A

12e année, University / College Preparation, 1,0 crédit

Cours préalable
any university, university/college, or college preparation course in social sciences and humanities, English, or Canadian and world studies

Description de cours

This course examines the nature of culture; how cultural identities are acquired, maintained, and transformed; and theories used to analyse cultures. You will explore world cultures, with an emphasis on the analysis of religious and spiritual beliefs, art forms, and philosophy. You will study the contributions and influence of a range of cultural groups and will critically analyse issues facing ethnocultural groups within Canada and around the world. You will also develop and apply research skills and design and implement a social action initiative relating to cultural diversity.

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Unit 1: Why am I who I am? (Part A)

Lesson 1: Understanding me

Lesson 2: Cultural construction  

Unit 2: Why am I who I am? (Part B)

Lesson 3: How we create and treat the other

Lesson 4: Lies, damned lies, and statistics

Lesson 5: Concepts of culture  

Unit 3: What's your story? (Part A)

Lesson 6: What's your story? Weave me a yarn

Lesson 7: Adolescence and rites of passage

Lesson 8: Families: Gotta love 'em!  

Unit 4: What's your story? (Part B)

Lesson 9: The elders and life transitions

Lesson 10: A culture in transition  

Unit 5: Hot or not? Beauty and the celebration of life

Lesson 11: The celebration of life

Lesson 12: Song and dance in cultural contexts

Lesson 13: Visual Art

Lesson 14: Ritual

Lesson 15: Beauty  

Unit 6: What's next? (Part A)

Lesson 16: What's Next? Changing culture in a globalized world

Lesson 17: Issues: Historical policies in Canada and internationally  

Unit 7: What's next? (Part B)

Lesson 18: Issues: Current policies in Canada and internationally

Lesson 19: Multiculturalism in modern society

Lesson 20: Designing a social action project

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