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English - Contemporary Aboriginal Voices - NBE3U

Code du cours CEI : NBE3U-A

11e année, University Preparation, 1,0 crédit

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English (ENG2D-B)

Description de cours

This course emphasizes the development of literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills through the study of works in English by Aboriginal writers. Through the analysis of literary texts and media works, you will develop an appreciation of the wealth and complexity of Aboriginal writing. You will also conduct research and analyse the information gathered; write persuasive and literary essays; and analyse the relationship between media forms and audiences. An important focus will be the further development of your understanding of English-language usage and conventions.

The credit earned for this course may be used to meet the Grade 11 English compulsory credit requirement.

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Unit 1: Identity - Part 1

Lesson 1 - Defining identity among First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples

Lesson 2 - The ways identity is shaped: A deeper exploration

Unit 2: Identity - Part 2

Lesson 3 - The historical and contemporary impacts of colonization on Indigenous peoples

Lesson 4 - Stereotypes and the media

Lesson 5 - Complex paths and identities

Unit 3: Relationships - Part 1

Lesson 6 - Indigenous storytelling and creation stories

Lesson 7 - The teachings within Indigenous stories

Lesson 8 - Disrupted histories and inherited legacies

Unit 4: Relationships - Part 2

Lesson 9 - Resilience and a return to the teachings

Lesson 10 - Looking back and finding the way forward

Unit 5: Sovereignty

Lesson 11 - Exploring sovereignty

Lesson 12 - What happened to sovereignty?

Lesson 13 - The buried truth: Land claims from Indigenous perspectives

Lesson 14 - Citizenship, identity, and current crossroads

Lesson 15 - The future of sovereignty

Unit 6: Reconciliation and the way forward - Part 1

Lesson 16 - Moving towards reconciliation

Lesson 17 - Honouring the truth

Unit 7: Reconciliation and the way forward - Part 2

Lesson 18 - The battle for justice

Lesson 19 - Working towards respect and peace

Lesson 20 - Reconciliation: A commitment now and for generations

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