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Independent Learning Centre

Day School Program

Enrolling a Student in ILC's Day School Program

  • To enrol students in ILC courses, school boards or inspected private schools must sign a "Day School Agreement" with the ILC. (See Day School Policies and Procedures.)
  • Schools and boards can check whether a "Day School Agreement" is already in place by contacting ILC's Day School Officer.
  • Students or parents of students who are interested in ILC courses should contact the guidance staff or the principal at the student's school.
  • Once a "Day School Agreement" is in place, the ILC provides all schools on the board's authorized list or the inspected private school copies of Enrolment Form D which is to be completed for each student enrolling in an ILC course. This form must be faxed to the ILC at 416.484.2750 to be processed.
  • Day School students may enrol in up to four courses at one time.
  • The student's course material is mailed to the school to the attention of the designated school facilitator.
  • The ILC bills the school board or the inspected private school directly. Publicly funded school boards and schools are not permitted to pass this cost on to the students.

Special Considerations

Students with special needs who require accommodation can be enrolled with the ILC. The ILC will consider requests for accommodations. The student's current IEP should be included with Enrolment Form D. Although we may not be able to satisfy every request, all requests will be considered. A letter confirming the accommodations granted is sent to the student once he or she is ready to write the final test.