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Day School Program

Introduction to the ILC Day School Program

A publicly funded school (with the permission of its school board) or an inspected private school can enrol students in courses offered by the ILC.

Ontario school boards and inspected private schools can use the ILC Day School Program to:

  • expand course selection
  • support students who are unable to enrol in a course due to timetable conflicts, cooperative education or athletics
  • provide an alternative for summer school
  • give students an option to redo a course they previously failed
  • support alternative programs

Learn how to enrol students in the ILC Day School Program.

Services Provided by the ILC

  • The ILC provides course material, instructional services, evaluation and testing.
  • All ILC courses have a final test. The ILC will make arrangements for a test supervisor to supervise the final test.
  • A Certificate of Course Completion listing the final course mark is mailed to the student's school once the student has successfully completed the final test.
  • School facilitators are also given online access to their students' ILC course records.

Who Can Enrol in the ILC Day School Program

  • A student who is attending a public high school can enrol in an ILC course, provided that the school's board has a "Day School Agreement" with the ILC and that the school has permission from its board to enrol students in ILC courses.
  • Inspected private schools may also enrol their students in ILC courses if the principal has signed a "Day School Agreement" with the ILC.
  • Students under 18 can take a course under the Day School Program, as long as they are registered at a publicly funded school or an inspected private school that has "Day School Agreement" with the ILC.

There are many reasons students may want or need to take an ILC course while they are still enrolled in day school; however, it is up to each individual school and school board to decide whether or not to accept a request for ILC course enrolment.

Students Who Are Not in the Regular School System

If a student drops out of school and is at least 18 years of age, he or she can enrol as a regular ILC adult student. (They will not be part of the "Day School Program".) Learn how to enrol as an ILC student.