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Independent Learning Centre

Programs for Organizations and Groups

The ILC's independent study courses are ideal for adult learners in the community. We work with a wide range of organizations and groups, including:

  • social service agencies (youth programs, literacy groups, group homes, etc.)
  • labour adjustment groups
  • First Nations groups
  • community-based access sites
  • correctional institutions

The variety of ILC courses allows for a flexible program that meets the needs of adult learners. Therefore, various organizations have used our program to develop their own education programs within their community.

How It Works

Participating groups must be non-profit organizations and typically have a minimum of 15 students.

The organization chooses a participation level that suits its needs and serves the needs of its community.

There are two levels of participation: information distribution and facilitated learning.

Information Distribution

Community groups that offer information and referral services can suggest the ILC as an option to adults who wish to resume their studies.

Each group has an ILC program facilitator, usually a member of the staff of the organization. The facilitator's responsibilities include helping students with enrolment procedures, motivating, and encouraging students.

Once students are enrolled, the group arranges for student support and normally provides a study area. Some students attend "classes" on a regular basis, while others drop by when they encounter difficulties. Course material is sent directly to the students, but the facilitator can access marks online.

Facilitated Learning

With facilitated learning, the group provides a classroom environment where students may do ILC course work. The appointed ILC program facilitator (usually a certified teacher) must approve all course requests and sign the enrolment form with the student.

Facilitators also monitor student progress and act as a liaison with the ILC. Once students are enrolled, they may ask a teacher or mentor from the community for support and assistance. All ILC course material is mailed to the ILC program facilitator who can also access marks online.

Interested in the Program?

For more information or to find out if your organization qualifies for our Group Program, please call 1.800.955.8330 or 416.484.2733 or email dayschool@tvo.org.