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Common Requests

Re-enrol in a Course

If you have withdrawn from a course or have completed a course and wish to retake the course to improve a course mark, you can re-enrol at any time.

To re-enrol in a course you must:

  • Complete the Online Registration, Enrolment and Payment Form (OREP)
  • The course administration fee will apply
  • Students are required to complete all course units and the final test
  • Students must review the teacher comments and incorporate changes to the unit submissions
  • Courses are constantly reviewed and updated and students must complete the courses as revised
  • Students cannot appeal marks on the basis of a discrepancy between previously submitted units and identically re-submitted units


Since re-enrolment is considered a new course request, you must include payment of the administration fee using the OREP form http://www.ilc.org/school/enrol.php