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Common Requests

Withdraw from a Course

To request a course withdrawal:

  • Complete the appropriate sections and return the Administration Form as an email attachment to ilc@tvo.org, to the attention of Learner Services.
  • Please note that there are no refunds of the course administration fee when you withdraw from a course.
  • You may also send your Administration Form request by mail or fax, or drop it off in person at the ILC office.
Mail Fax ILC Office

Independent Learning Centre

Box 200 Station Q

Toronto ON

M4T 2T1


2180 Yonge St.

Toronto ON

M4S 2B9

Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Ontario Student Transcript Disclosure Policy


Please note the following regulations with respect to withdrawing from a course and the implications for notation on the transcript as per regulations from the Ministry of Education document Ontario Student Transcript 2013.

  • For Grade 9 and 10 courses: The ILC will include an Ontario Student Transcript (OST) entry only for courses that the student has successfully completed with a passing mark. Therefore, the ILC will not indicate a course withdrawal or failed mark on the OST.
  • For Grade 11 and 12 courses: The ILC will use the date of submission of Unit 2 of a 4- or 5-unit course and Unit 4 of a 7-unit course to determine that the course will be recorded as a “withdrawal” on the OST. The mark recorded on the transcript will be the average mark of all the units completed at the time of withdrawal.
  • Please note that if you do not want a withdrawal from a Grade 11 or 12 course to show on your transcript, you must withdraw from the course prior to the submission of Unit 2 of a 4- or 5-unit course or Unit 4 of a 7-unit course.

To send back Returnable Items

The course you are withdrawing from may have contained returnable items (e.g. textbooks, novels, CD/DVD) lent to you by the ILC. Returnable items are marked with the letter 'Y' on the packing slip/invoice in your package under the column titled ‘Return’. Please return the items to the following address:  

RR Donnelley

1100 Thornton Road South,

Oshawa, ON L1J 7E2

If you have lost returnable items, the ILC must receive payment in lieu of the items. Contact ILC Learner Services to obtain information regarding the cost and payment options for the lost items. 

Please note that students must return or pay for lost items upon a transfer, withdrawal, or course completion before any future course enrolments and educational document requests can be processed.