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Who can enroll in ILC courses?   

Any student from around the world above the age of 14 may enroll in our courses, with no visa required.

How do I enroll in ILC courses?

If you are not currently registered in an Ontario high school, please enroll for ILC courses using the Apply Now page.

If you are under the age of 20 and currently enrolled in an Ontario high school, you cannot enroll directly with ILC. Please contact your school’s guidance department to inquire about enrollment with ILC.

If your school is an affiliated international education partner, please speak with your Facilitator, who will assist you with registration and enrollment.

If you are an international student AND your school is not an ILC international education partner, please enroll for ILC courses using the Non-Ontario/International Student Portal.

How many courses can I take at one time?

You may apply for up to four courses at a time, to a maximum of eight courses. Should you wish to take more than eight courses with ILC, please visit the Contact us page to discuss a customized workload.

I am an existing ILC student. Do I need to upload all my documentation each time I submit a new application?

Yes. Each new course application requires you to submit all required documents, as document versions are regularly updated.  

Can I take pictures of my documentation instead of using a scanner?

Yes -- as long as the document images are clear and are a maximum combined file size of under 5 MB (JPEG or PDF format preferred). Remember to save the document images to your computer BEFORE uploading during online registration.

Can I use a mobile device (i.e. smartphone) or tablet to register using the Online Registration service?

Unfortunately, you cannot use a mobile device or tablet to register online.

What if I am missing some of my supporting documentation? Can I still submit my online application and provide the missing documents later?

You must have ALL required documents before starting your online application. We cannot approve your application without them.  

How will I know when I have been enrolled in a course?

You will receive an enrollment status confirmation email within five business days of submitting your application.

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How quickly can I complete an ILC course?

You may be able to complete a course in as little as three to four months, depending on how much time you are able to devote to your online learning.

How long am I given to complete an ILC course?

You have up to 10 months from your date of enrollment to complete a course, including the writing of the final test.

What will happen if I don’t complete my course by the 10-month deadline date?

If you are unable to complete the course within 10 months, you will be required to re-enroll, pay the course fee and re-start the course to earn the credit.

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How are ILC courses delivered?

Courses are provided in a downloadable PDF or an interactive online format. Printed course materials are available upon special request.  

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How can I get help with my course work?

Although ILC uses an independent learning model you are not alone in your learning! You may access academic support from Ontario-certified teachers at teacher@tvo.org.   

How do I submit my unit work?

You will submit your course work online. Once you’ve enrolled in a course, we will send you an email with instructions on how to access, complete and submit your coursework.  

How is the final mark for a course determined?

The final mark in every ILC course is determined by two parts:  the unit evaluations, which are worth 70 per cent of the course final mark; and the final test, which is worth 30 per cent of the course final mark. To earn an ILC credit, students must submit and pass all evaluated course units with a mark of 50 per cent or higher on each unit, AND students must write and pass the final test with a mark of 50 per cent or higher.  

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Do I need to write and pass the final test?

Yes. The two-hour final test is a required component of the course. You must pass the final test with a mark of 50 per cent or higher to earn the credit.

Where do I write my final test?

If you live within Toronto, you will write the final test at the ILC Test Centre (near Yonge & Eglinton). If you reside outside of Toronto, you will write your test in your community with an ILC Test Supervisor.

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Does the ILC provide accommodations to support my special learning needs?

ILC can provide accommodations for final tests only. Information about accommodations and documentation requirements can be found in the Special considerations section

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Can I earn my Ontario Secondary School Diploma with ILC?

Yes! ILC offers students all the required courses and other diploma requirements to earn the OSSD. The OSSD earned through ILC is equal to the OSSD earned in Ontario day schools.

How can I check my progress toward earning an Ontario Secondary School Diploma?

ILC can provide a Written Assessment of Diploma Requirements after you have successfully completed at least one ILC credit. Learn more in the Common Requests section.

Do Ontario post-secondary institutions accept ILC credits toward admission into their programs?

Yes. ILC offers the required courses to gain admission to most Ontario college and university programs. Students should contact each post-secondary institution directly to learn more about their particular admission requirements.

How do I obtain my OSSD from ILC?

After a Diploma Assessment confirms that you have earned your diploma, ILC will provide one final transcript that shows all of your ILC-earned credits as well as any other high school credits (including any equivalencies) you have previously earned. In addition, ILC will provide you with an official Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), issued by the Ontario Ministry of Education and signed by the ILC school principal.

Please Note: If you need to take less than five (5) ILC credits to earn your diploma and you have been out of regular day school less than five (5) years, you are encouraged to take your ILC credits back to your previous day school to update your transcript and to issue your diploma if you have met all the diploma requirements.

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What types of education documents can I request from ILC and what are their costs?

Once you are enrolled as a TVO ILC student, we can provide you with a confirmation of enrollment document, midterm reports, and/or academic transcripts. To receive any of these documents, please follow the instructions on the Request for Education Document Form or the Affiliate Request for Education Documents Form. All associated costs and timelines are listed on the form.

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